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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 20, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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out of towner, go ahead. >> i am so bad at do you know it already, steve. the shining. >> there you go. great to see you. glad to be here. nice having you here, too. have a great day, everybody. "fox and friends" starts right now. see you later, steve. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday september 20th. i am gretchen carlson hope you have a fantastic day. one of the killers a gitmo detainee, he was let go by the fox white house. we have a fox news exclusive on that >> steve: a major net work refusing to play the most controversial commints of the week.
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wait until you hear why. >> brian: the president has no time meeting with netanyahu. but meeting with a pirate. no problem . "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ i want to ride it all night long. >> steve: i got to work so fast today thanks to that. >> gretchen: wow. did you drive? >> steve: no, i was inside . it looks windy. brian you will go outside and talk to the guy behind that car. >> brian: i will find out what you are like. are you a big tipper. wouldn't it be funny if the pirate came out.
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>> steve: he's busy at the white house. >> gretchen: i have to hear about that story. mitt romney geth ready to hit the road on a bus tour. he tells voters he is for 100 percent of the americans. and pirate doocy is live in washington, good morning to you, >> that's right. mitt romney is distancing from the 47 percent figure he used to describe the amount of americans that are dependent on government and instead using the number 100%. saying that is the poem he will gopgovern. >> over the last several years, you are seeing greater divisiveness in this country. you have sign us pull apart soy my campaign is about the 100% of america and i am
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concerned about that. >> mitt romney is not the only one looking to redict the conversation . jay carny deflected campaign questions to chicago explained president obama's comments about redistribution of wealth. >> he believed then and now. there are steps to promote opportunity and insure all americans have a fair shot if they work hard. >> president obama has the edge in three key states up five in florida and ohio and virginia, but that's all likely voters . if you visalate the voters the race is much closer and mitt romney is down 2 in virginia and tied in florida and takes the lead in ohio. and they are heading to ohio for a bus tour .
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monday they will be in lemma and wednesday they will be in columbus, cleveland and toledo. >> gretchen: all right peter doocy. thank you for the update. what should we make of the fact that the president's audio tape that we played for you yesterday on the show. he talked about his blive of redistributing wealth, what should we make of the fact that nbc didn't run it because they hadn't authicated it >> brian: what was he doing at that time. does that look and sound like him . and it is him. what is harder to do. see cell phone video of half of awe mitt romney and bad audio saying that is mitt
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romney and a straight on cand date senator obama. >> steve: less than 12 hours of mother jones put the video out. 47 percent of the count row will probably not vote for me. i will go after the independent persuadable people . extraordinarily you have nbc saying we will not run it because we can't authtenticate. rush lim bah sees it with the drive by media. yesterday he had this to say about where are all of the people playing the tape of the president talking about redistribution. >> never have seen media this way. it is indescribable.
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refusing to run real stories. this is advocacy. they are scared. folks, when obama loses, i am worried about what is going to happen. >> gretchen: so this is an mitchell said about why they were not showing the tape and then described it and paraphrase but the basic is, they are accusing president obama of class warfare. that is trying to change the subject. i don't think that was paraphrase. >> brian: that is her statement. >> gretchen: that is trying to change the subject and 30 minutes later on msnbc authtenticated it and. >> steve: and an drea mitchell who is married to alen
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greenspan who was complicit in the financial melt down. >> brian: he was a republican. >> steve: he was part of the financial system that bark obama inherited from george bush. >> brian: it is true that the romney camp is trying to change the subject. why did obama start a question about bain capital? or war on women. i am fascinated by the way of what is taking place here and noted to, polls don't reflect the waves of publicity and these news stories. okay, the way mitt romney screwed up and his timing was off and making his comments about the assassination on the ambassador. the polls showed a 9-point dip for president obama and showed mitt romney 's numbers coming
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up. >> gretchen: i think one of the first times we should look at polls in sin seitey is after one or two of the debates. hopefully they will talk about the issues and hopefully the questions will be fair and hopefully the american people will decide who they want to run this country. the polls may reflect what we are hearing and they are asked the same question. >> steve: let's just hope that the people who ask the questions do it fairly. in the mean time is this fair? you have the u.s. department of justice. they have been colluding and essentially contacting media matters for america for a while. and there is a reason for it. they are apparently they are trying to spin their way out of bad publicity regarding fast and furious and eric
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holder and stuff like that. a senior department much justice spokeswoman by the name of tracey smaller has been trying to plant the stories with media matters and there is a trail that the department of justice that the united states of america has been colluding with a far left attack dog. that is just nuts. >> gretchen: here is a quick look. hi, i am working on debunking a conservative myth of operation fast and furuous and hoping it would help it out. >> they are tax exempt and that means they are a-political. other than >> steve: so is the department of justice. that's why it is important to the taxpayer and viewer out there. and members of congress are calling for this woman to resign because of the alleged
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collusion between the departments. >> brian: how many things can pull off on eric holder's resume to examine what he is doing over fast and furious and communication with medias. i understand in congress there is a movement to reexempt media -- look at media matters as tax exempt. >> steve: they are trying to make us look bad and members of congress look bad and people who work in the department of justice look bad? does that sound like justice? i don't think so. >> brian: fox news is continuing to investigation what happened in the libya assassination of our ambassador and three others.
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former gitmo detainee with direct ties to al-qaida and september 11 attacks likely led the deadly rampage. doug has more. >> this is big. was it a spontanous situation in libya or a planned terrorist attack. u.s. intelligence sources say that the attack on the u.s. consulate was the work of al-qaida and indicate a level of planning and they are looking at one guy. a detainee from guantanamo bay . the understanding that he would be held in libyan custody. and it doesn't work out that way. and john bolton, former u.s. ambassador of thinationination said something obviously went
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terribly wrong . >> i think people need to know what happened. there was a massive failure here. you can't have four dead americans and not attribute to failure. >> the administration's own analysis of the attacks seem to be shifting. it was blamed on the protest on egypt and the anti-american film. listen to the answers to the questions about this on capitol hill. >> let me ask whether you would say ambassador stevens and the three other americans died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> certainly on that particular question i would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> but the white house is sticking by the movie motive and saying there is no evidence of a premedicated attack. >> gretchen: doug lesader live
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for us in new york. >> brian: and the navy seals gave up their lives. who were part of the ambassador dehe had no security. and there could be an attempt on his life and 33 attacks prior this summer. unbelievable. incomes are failing owl over america except where government workers live. why is that? >> gretchen: the president doesn't have time for israeli netanyahu but has a sit down with a guy dressed as a pirate. >> steve: i don't know. ♪ ♪ my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head?
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>> gretchen: six million americans will fax a tax penalty for not having health insurance once obama care is in place. the number significantly higher than the projection of four million and jumped 50 percent in two years. critics say this goes against the president's promise not to raise taxes for people making under $200,000. and the average penalty in 2016, will be 1200 a year. looking for a few minutes of fun. instead they got four hours and stuck on that ride 300 feet. the wind seeking in southern california stalled with the ride in the air. the park is now closed while the department is finding out what is going on.
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>> brian: we are getting poorer, almost all of us. stewart varney may be a little bit poorer but you are concerned about the american public. >> this is the ugly picture of redistribution of obama's america. we the people are getting worse off. new figures showing in 49 states income was flat or way down in the year 2011, compare that to the news also this morning that the 7 of the 10 richest counties in america is suburbs of washington dc home to federal workers and federal lobbyist. ther getting richer and they are doing well. and richest places in america and the rest of us are getting poorer. >> steve: all you have to do is drive through washington dc. that area is a boom town and the president was talking about talking about
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redistribution. >> brian: have we authticated that. >> steve: yes we have an drea. >> that is redistribution take it from your loss and give it to a federal worker. that is re. >> gretchen: look at the states who have done down in media incomes. nevada from the housing situation down six percent california plain broke. 3.8 percent and arizona down 2.9 percent and a lot of real state and florida down 2.9. >> bear in mind that is only for 2011, it was similar in 2010. we are going down in terms of the median income and spending power and standard of living. >> gretchen: the median income used to $55,000.
6:20 am
>> down from 54,000 to 50,000. we are down since the 1990s and the whole country is worse off in the since of our debt exploding. >> steve: talking about family wealth. any sign on the horizon turns around. >> it turns around when the economy grows significantly. it is only growing one and half to turn things around. >> brian: nine time tim 30 we watch varney and company. >> that would be perfect. >> steve: straight ahead. a hundred dangerous criminals escape from a prison and turns out, they left through the front door. feel safe, we'll tell you the story. >> gretchen: our next guest said look at the presidents we put back in the text books and like the one who put america
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on the stage of the world's power. >> steve: upstairs? ♪ ♪ srxz$jxhxp
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>> steve: bad news for many passengers who booked american or american airlines eagle flight. the two airlines will cancel 300 flights this week alone because pilots are staging a sick out after the company won court permission to alter the contract. and prisoners that broke free from an american jet walked out from the front dor. a judge put 16 jail employees
6:25 am
under house arrest including the prison director. it appears it was an inhouse escape. >> brian: the signing of the u.s. constitution and the document that created the role of the president. 43 different men assumed the role. >> gretchen: many are remembered fondly and others get lost between the pages and joining us is author of the don't know much about the american president. kenneth davis. you told mow you started this when you were nine years old and found a copy. >> i found a project written about the presidents in third grade and thinking about this and working on it a long time. a lot of people ask me how to you get interested in history. i went to gettiesburg or
6:26 am
sagamore hill and history happen to people in real places it is not statutes and dates and battles and speeches. >> brian: those are the famous presidents william mckinly. >> over looked in many respects over shadowed because he was assassinated and theodore roose velt. don't call him teddy. he hated the nickname. >> mckinley took america through a brief war and transitioned in a modern presidency and gets over shadowed because roose velt came along and was larger than life. >> grover cleveland, why should he go from the back burner to the front? >> he was an interesting character. first of all interesting when he ran for the first time he was accused of fathering a child out of the wedlock.
6:27 am
you would think that would have destroyed a politician. he told the staff to tell the truth. and he won and high was an effective president. >> brian: sounds like republican. high tariffs and subsidies to business. >> he oversaw the worst crisis of the time. the government was about to go broke. he invited jp morgan to come to washington and they agreed to buy bonds in exchange for gold. jp morgan saved america from bankruptcy. >> gretchen: bad apples, i hate to say that. millord filmore and james buchanan. you believe they were all three -- >> they were the three worst
6:28 am
presidents leading up to the greatest. they were the three presidents in office before lincoln and did little and worsened the rise to the civil war and for that we have to treat them harshly particularly buchanan who engineered in some respects the dread scott decision which was the worst supreme court in history and he thought it would prevent the civil war and it hastened it >> gretchen: abraham washington and roose velt. >> greatest because of the crisis they faced. lincoln bringing america through the civil war and roose velt through the depression and world war twompt roose velt never a crisis but elevated the presidency boo something it was not before. and became the face of the presidency. and washington of course, he
6:29 am
invented the presidency and could he could have stayed and he at the end of it walked away. and the greatest all had flaws imperfections and john f. kennedy said don't judge these people unless you sat down behind the deck and read the mail. >> gretchen: ken davis . author of don't know much about the president. >> brian: we'll see the next one. and the president said he's got no time to meet with israeli benjamin netanyahu but the pirate got in plus this. >> third place for ryan. he will be two-time winner of the milwaukee mile. >> brian: first american to be the indy car champ this morning he has -- he races on the plasa. brian hunter ray next. >> gretchen: and governor
6:30 am
nelson, happy birthday. he's 45. we'll be right back. . ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest ds in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be,
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time for a shot of the morning and it is a quick look at what president obama has been up to. making sure he didn't forget international talk like a pirate day . and meeting with jay-whereand beyonce in a exclusive new york fund raiser. that is jay z 44 club. >> brian: $44000 club. >> steve: and the president making a visit to the late show with david letterman. however all of that stuff and israeli benjamin netanyahu still waiting for that president meeting with mr. obama. remember the white house said president obama was too busy to sit down with him. getting the east wood treatment. >> brian: he will change his mind. >> gretchen: with the un
6:35 am
general assembly that happens right down here in new york city maybe he will reconsider the meeting. >> steve: i am feeling bad we missed talk like a pirate day yesterday. >> brian: i know. 92 time to talk like a newscaster. scathing report on the fast and furious blasts the department of justice showing disrespect for public safety. jeff row weinstein deputy attorney resigning. he was the highest ranking employee that could have stopped the program but didn't. kenneth nemson retiring and faulted for not asking enough questioning . and house chairman darryl issa showed that eric holder shares significant blame. >> just because you are not convicted doesn't mean you are vindicated. attorney general holder didn't ask the questions or read the
6:36 am
momos and they fail tod do their job . >> steve: he will be with us in an hour. total department, 14 employees were sighted. >> gretchen: and call would a hero for pushing a woman out of the way of a speeding van. see that police officer takes that woman in texas when a driver plows in one of their cars and one of the cops wrapped his arms out of the way . he was hurt. and the driver of the van you guessed it, was drunk>> steve: is matt laeur turning to a beast and he is making all editorial decisions to try to
6:37 am
turn it arown. he's the staff a hard time and pushing them to work hard hours. please print the story. it is the most interesting and dangerous i have ever sounded . i read that in the paper . i have known matt laeur for a long time and he is a great he is competitive. i played tennis with him in boca. where that story came from . crazy. >> gretchen: you never know where it pops up. the producer said i am a producer and matt is not dictating all of the shots >> steve: that is not the matt lauer i know. we have rain moving through portions of the great lake states and also some in central florida . the balance of the country is nice and dry . curn temperatures as you head out is chilly in portions of
6:38 am
new england 44 degrees in caribou, maine 55 in raleigh and 70s on the gulf coast. day time highs will look like hot one out in phoenix room temperature as eric likes to point out. 73 degrees. and will be 82 in atlanta. >> gretchen: it is time to head outside. brian has a special guest. >> brian: brian hunter ray has had an interesting career. he will be a two-time winner of the milwaukee mile and see the twin checkers. hunter-reay deserves this one. and he will go to victory lane for the third consectative time . he gets spun around. >> brian: there you have it ryan hunter-reay walks away by
6:39 am
coming in fourth you are in second and now walking away with the trophy. you needed a top five finish. >> i did we delivered when wenied to and something i worked for since i was six years old. >> brian: you bring the trove back to america. >> i am so proud and having it here in downtown new york city temperature is sureal. >> brian: i know it gives you time to play fantasy football. that is it a passion. >> absolutely. >> brian: here's the cool thing. you brought the car. you brought a indy car with you here . can you give us a tour and what make its unique for the people who will get in it and maybe not see a race. >> i was cruising to come and see you. >> brian: no car. you are lying. >> absolutely. and the car is all about down
6:40 am
force and making grimpt you can see that witha with the wings. >> brian: this is a picture but the most fascinating thing is the steering wheel. >> absolutely. it is a 35000 steering wheel. this is not the actul one we use. yeah, it is a lot of controls for the driver. >> brian: you are saying as we come back here . the car is built as one big win and designed to go through the road ways. >> absolutely. this car is designed in 120 miles per hour to 180 miles per hour make its own weight in down force. it could drive upside down if you wanted it to. unbelievable piece of work. >> brian: the indy series car championship belongs to you. and one thing i did notice. compared to the nascar guys. you are big. >> i am tall and one. taller
6:41 am
drivers. can you imagine fitting in there and driving . four hours is not easy. >> brian: good luck getting out of you. back to you guys inside. >> steve: no way you could drive upside down. obviously he's seen the new york city drivers. >> gretchen: you better like junk mail. you are about to get more. the post office can't balance its books and that's the only mail i get. >> steve: need to trust to get the cat logs back. democrats claim that republicans are waging war on women. stick around. >> brian: during that same fund raiser. president obama said beyonce is the best role model. and later on michelle that was the couch was the best place
6:42 am
for obama to sleep . ♪ ♪ no i don't understand. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> steve: the post office can't balance the books. increase the number of sales pitches. armed officers dropping from
6:46 am
chappers and taking terrorist in custody it was not real. it was a nypd drill. college students enrolled in the nypd cadet core were the hostages. only a drill. >> gretchen: thank you, brian. democrats are claiming that president obama is the best candidate for women voters? >> president obama has walked with america's women and helped women in this country fight for equal pay, for equal work. and he believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and our health care. that's what my husband stands for. >> so they claim republicans are waging a war on women. whoo do women actually think? joining me co-author of the book. liberty, no war on women.
6:47 am
sabrina schaffer. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: it seems they were trying to fire up the base of women on one issue. it seemed to be about contraception . >> single women are a critical base for president obama and like sandra fluke and all of the war on women rhetoric . the problem is women don't want to play identity politics. they want economic growth and job creation. >> gretchen: woman when they think about who to vote for are not just thinking abortion or contraception. they are thinking about their pocket bocks. >> what we wrote in liberty no war on women. there is so much for women and girls today. we have unprecedented opportunity to learn and work and succeed in america and push back on that idea that america is unfair to women
6:48 am
what the real war on women is big government is 16 trillion national date and failed anding invasion and creativity and that is threat to women's progress. >> gretchen: look at what single and married women fore. women unmarried. scoin percent president obama and married woman in 2008 44 percent obama and 53 percent john mccane why? >> i think there is a gender gap for 20 years, but in 2010 when the republicans closed that for the first time. and that was enough to be the emphasis of the war on women rhetoric. you know, i have a father, i have a husband, a son and brother. women and men's interests are not in conflict. we have a healthy society with
6:49 am
opportunity. we want economic growth and lower health care costs and the idea of pitting the genders against one another is hidous. we need to understand the real key to women's success is returning that power to the individual families and letting people make the best choices for themselves. >> interesting points. sabrina schaffer. coming up on "fox and friends". this was not your normam morning newscast. >> expect delays. he just got whacked. >> gretchen: you may love or hate him. but do you know him. film maker behind >> barak obama's journey to idea can be traced back from the independence of kenya.
6:50 am
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>> welcome back. what truly bark obama and his policiless. a new movie showinglet personal stories from his past. >> obama has a dream from his father. the colonialism be right and america down sized. >> it is it a long time coming. but tonight because of what we did on this day and this election and defining moment change has come to america . >> so if the president wins reelection . what can we expect four more years. look to his past to determine our future . the author and film maker behind 2016, obama's america
6:54 am
and joins us from san diego. good morning to you. >> good morning, your movie has attacken off . can you explain why? >> people are hungry for information about obama it is one thing obama was unknown guy four years ago in 2008, but now. people still feel the full story of obama is not out and reported by the main stream media and a lot of new facts that give people an eye opening sense of who obama really is. >> you made a good point, not reported by the main stream media. there was an embarrassing clip back in 1998 state senator from illinois was talking about how he believed in redistribution. and you watch the other channels and didn't see it. we have temperature >> the trick is it figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources
6:55 am
and hence, facilitate summary redistribution . i believe in redistribution at least in a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> i actually believe in redistribution . we hear him say it and i have seen the video where he said it as well . but you are looking boo his past and it doesn't surprise you. >> it is it a gross understatement of obama's real views. if you look at his past and his actions. he believes in redistribution but not just in america. he believe necessary redistribution on a global scale and when a lot of democrats look at obama. one percent and 99 percent or we are going to get something. but obama looks at things from a world wide point of view and america, the whole company is the one percent and there are 99 hungry nations encircling
6:56 am
that would like our wealth and standard of live america's cultural power and influence. obama is a global redistributor. >> steve: you talk about how we are the only super power. he would like to see it spread around like what high told joe the plumber with money. >> he promotes oil drill nothing brazil and columbia and mexico and gives them money to drill for oil some ways, he's using a debt is it a weapon of global redistribution, how? our debt is owed by our children and grand children and a lot owed to kuwait and saudies and chinese it ends up transferring large amounts of wealth away from the united states and to other nations. dinesh. check out his movie. 2016, obama's america. thank you, sir.
6:57 am
>> steve: three and half minutes before the top of the hour. billions of food stamps used on sugary drinks whamp would the first lady say? and a mom thrown in jail for letting her children play outside in a cul-de-sac on scooters. she is fighting back, next . introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? okay. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds.
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i was in an accident. i was burned. i lost my hands, my feet. i really thought my life was over. shriners did a lot more than just heal me. is >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, september 20. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're begun have a great day. a big development in a fox news exclusive. look at this photo. you can't see much, but the man behind the attack that killed four americans in libya, turns out a well-known terrorist. released from gitmo. breaking details straight ahead. >> brian: nbc was refuse to go play the president's most controversial comments of the week. are you surprised? stick around. >> steve: it was just another traffic report until this
7:01 am
happened. watch. >> expect some delays. whoa. that left rape, he just got whacked. >> steve: he did just get whacked. we'll tell you the story of that and so much more, hour two for thursday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. heap hope you're gonna have a great thursday. a fox news exclusive. back to that attack in libya that killed the ambassador, as well as three others, two navy seals as well. now it turns out that the guy on capitol hill yesterday from the counterterrorism center, when he was testifying, he now says that, yeah, it actually was a terrorist attack and it could be linked to this guy right here, a former gitmo detainee who was released in 2005, i believe. >> brian: i think fox is one --
7:02 am
connecting the dots. he's saying, yeah, i don't know if it was preplanned. fox is blowing the doors off. this guy he was in gitmo up until 2007, was transferred to libya in custody. he even scared gadhafi, evidently. they led him -- let him go under the conditions that he wouldn't get into terror again. he got into terror again. who would have thought? then we killed gadhafi and now he's loose. he was reloosed and now files reveal that he has put together his own crew and was in direct contact in his past with one of the funders of the 9-11 operation. he's a key guy working in and around bin laden and he went and put together that operation, we believe. >> steve: how extraordinary is this? a guy we let out from gitmo -- we said we'll release him back to your home country, but whatever you do, don't let him out. well, they let him out about a year later.
7:03 am
keep in mind, this is a guy, the al-qaeda guy, who probably was responsible for the murder of our ambassador in what was clear to us, a terrorist attack. and if you, over the last week listened to the administration, first you had the united nations ambassador, susan rice saying it was spontaneous. it was all about that movie. you know, it wasn't preplanned. then you had jay carney saying, it was not preplanned. as it turns out, of it a terror i. former mayor, rudy guiliani, was on with hannity last night. he sees a problem here. >> i think the administration wanted us to all believe the narrative they had conquered al-qaeda, that it was the end of al-qaeda. simple fact is that isn't true. al-qaeda is extremely dangerous. they were related terrorist groups that are even more dangerous possibly and maybe they took their eye off the ball. and now there is going to be a certain amount of accountability
7:04 am
for that and they don't want to be accountable for anything. >> gretchen: i tend to look at the big picture on these things and what i'm thinking about is we heard susan rice go on all the morning shows sunday and say it was spontaneous. will she now go back on all the sunday shows coming up and say that it wasn't? you see, this is how the messaging works, when you go and say whatever you want to say. in some cases, whether it's true or not, and this is the message that gets out to the american people. so will there be now a follow-up and get as much attention to the fact that maybe, in fact, it was a terrorist attack? i'm not so sure. >> brian: also they also said the security around the ambassador was high. it wasn't high. all the navy seals were there. not only were they outnumbered, they weren't supposed to be his security. they stepped in when they saw things falling apart. they held off the terrorist for a while. they paid with their lives. how can you say security was high? how can you say it was a
7:05 am
spontaneous attack? if i remember correctly n a couple of the interview, she said all five shows, she provided a caveat. from what we know right now. then later she could come in, from what we have learned, we, fill in the blanks. >> gretchen: that doesn't necessarily mean that was true. was that a cover when she said that? i guess my point is, will they come back to it now and -- >> steve: no. >> gretchen: and that, i think, is a disservice to the american people because this has a lot to do how they perceive each candidate and foreign policy. >> brian: it's a disservice to the memory of the ambassador and the secretary of state's good friend, they're going to allow people to say, be dishonest in the way he lost his life and how he died and who perpetrated the crime? i think you owe that at least to the ambassador and the navy seals. >> steve: we just had the pictures of the guys who lost their lives that day. keep in mind, it was two or three days before the embassy in cairo was stormed where there was a rant that went out about the blind sheik, the guy
7:06 am
responsible for the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. a guy who has been in prison in north carolina for a number of years. now as it turns out, we're learning more that it sounds like behind the scenes with the state department and others, there is the guy right there, it sounds like because the country egypt and -- country of egypt and morsi asked for his release, it sounds like in the back channels they're actually talking about doing it. peter king has confirmed to fox the request is being considered. white house state department, they all deny it. yet, it looks like they're moving toward it. >> brian: he's going to blow up all the tunnels in new york city. that plot was thwarted. he had a role in the '93 terrorist attacks. he's all over the 9-11 hijackers and an inspirational leader even today to those fighting in the battlefield against our guys in afghanistan. and when we heard the state department official talk yesterday, they say there are no plans currently.
7:07 am
currently no plans? you should say under no circumstances are we going to take this blind terrorist out of north carolina and let him back to egypt. >> gretchen: it remind me of al-megrahi. he was released because he was supposedly going to die, if that's a good reason, and went home and lived for three to four years and recently passed away. and there was a huge outcry for that. so this would seem implausible that this would actually happen of the but we'll have to see. >> steve: in particular when you look at the guy who prosecuted him, andrew mccarthy, he told the post, quote, there is no way to believe anything they say, referring to the administration. i believe there may already be a nod and a wink agreement in place. however, we should point out the white house does currently dy it. >> brian: the person we were talking to let out during the bush administration, we should say that, also keep your eye on the other guys about to be let out in gitmo and let out back to
7:08 am
the country of afghanistan because we evidently have a back channel deal with these four killer terrorists to stay in qatar and for the government it leave them there. but they end up back in the battlefield somehow. we got to keep an eye on what's happening there. next thing you know, they'll all be loose. >> steve: they're terrorist. that's what they do. >> gretchen: let's bring it home and talk about new polls. >> brian: brand-new polls that pox put out. three critical swing states. mitt romney tells voters he's for 100% of the country and wants to help all americans. peter doocy is in this country and he would fall into that category live in washington with more. >> hey, brian. the election is now 47 days away. but 47%, the number mitt romney gave at a fund-raiser to describe the people he says are dependent upon government, has been replaced on the trail by the much larger figure, 100%. and here is why. >> this is a campaign about the
7:09 am
100%. over the last several years, you've seen greater and greater divisiveness in this country. we had hoped to come back together. instead, you've seen us pull apart and politics has driven us apart in some respects. my campaign is about the 100% of americans and i'm concerned about that. >> for their part, team obama is clarifying statements their candidate made with white house press secretary jay carney explaining yesterday the president's comments on a tape from 1998 about redistribution of wealth. >> he believes then and believes now there are steps we can take to promote opportunity and insure that all americans have a fair shot if they work hard. >> the latest fox news polls released last night put president obama ahead of mitt romney in three key swing states. the president is up five in florida. 7 in ohio, and 7 in virginia. but that's among all likely voters. when you isolate voters who are
7:10 am
extremely interested in the race, it's a dead heat with the two candidates tided at florida and splitting the other two states with president obama up two in virginia and mitt romney up one in ohio. the republican ticket is taking a bus tour through the buckeye state next week with a monday stop in lima. tuesday in cincinnati and dayton. and wednesday swing through columbus, cleveland and toledo. back to you. >> gretchen: sounds like they'll have the whole state covered. thanks very much. >> brian: that's a call. that's really an answer to the republican party getting upset at the romney camp for not going to the battle ground state and doing the town halls. >> steve: we just saw in that peter report that jay carney was responding to the clip that came out yesterday where barak obama, back in 1998, said i actually believe in redistribution. for the longest time, nobody else was touching it. we did the story since we did the mitt romney 47% story. i think it ran on one network
7:11 am
newscast last night. not the others. interestingly enough, yesterday andrea mitchell, even though she jumped on the mitt romney tape, suddenly goes, we're not going to run the redistribution sound bite because we can't authenticate it. >> gretchen: even though the obama camp said it was president obama back in 1998, nbc eventually did run the tape. we got to give you headlines this morning. in at that few hours, the house will vote to shoot down president obama's plans to bypass congress and waive work requirements for welfare. a new report from the nonpartisan government accountability office reveals health and human services has known since 1996 that they have no authority to grant the waiver. however, hhs announced the waiver in july. judge says the prominent tennis referee can be collected in her husband's murder trial. she's accused of killing her husband of nearly 50 years in april with a coffee mug. she allegedly used the broken handle to stab him. prosecutors will now use that
7:12 am
sample to compare it to the blood found at the crime season she was arrested last month before going to ref a match at the u.s. open. bad news if you plan to buy american airlines or american eagle. the two airlines canceling at least 300 flights this week because a lot of pilots now staging a sickout after the company won court permission to alter their contracts. spokesperson says american is helping to rebook passengers on other flights and not charging them for taking earlier ones. unbelievable sight caught on camera during a live traffic report. this is in philadelphia. >> expect some delays. whoa. that left lane, he just got whacked. >> gretchen: one car slams into the other. they were stuck on the side of the road, catching everyone offguard. it's not known what caused the one car to run into the other. >> brian: usually take a nature shot. sometimes you get real life accidents. coming up straight ahead, we've been following a story where the mom, we told you yesterday, was thrown in jail for letting her kids play outside on these
7:13 am
scooters in their cul-de-sac home where it's located. it's outraged a lot of you. that mom joins us live later this hour. >> steve: then the department of justice caught collaborating with liberal group, attack dog media matters to target its critics. one of these targets, congressman darrell issa. we're talking to him next mornings aren't alwayserfect. that's why i give them carnationreakfast essentials. it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right.
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carnation breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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7:16 am
>> steve: brand-new report on operation fast and furious finally lays blame for the botched gun running sting that killed border patrol agent brian terry. the department of justice inspector general says the failure to ask questions, quote, reflected a significant lack of oversight and urgency at both the atf and the u.s. attorney's office in phoenix and disregard for both for the -- by both for
7:17 am
the safety of individuals in the united states. joining us now to react is california representative and chairman of the oversight committee in the house, congressman darrell issa of the good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. and thanks for continuing to cover the loss, the murder of brian terry and all the surrounding activities that ultimately led to this report. it's almost 500 pages of wrongdoing in this report. >> steve: 14 officials cited for screwing up on this, but you say that there is still the cover-up to deal with and you think lannie brewer, a high ranking official, and the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, are involved in the cover-up and must be held accountable if true. >> steve, in page after page of the ig's report, actually use terms like new or should have known. there are 14 people that were held more directly accountable, effectively recommended for reprimand or firing. but when you look and say, where
7:18 am
does the buck stop? it's never stopped at attorney general holder or lannie brewer. they both seem to rely on what they didn't know and why they didn't know it. lannie brewer, for example, on the day that congress was being lied to in which they said there was no gun walking, he was in mexico selling -- trying to sell another gun walking scheme and yet, he would have the i.g. believe that he never read the lie said to us. and for ten months as an attorney, never saw any reason to correct the record even though if he had read this letter that he said good job on in the response to the e-mail, he would have known it was a lie. >> steve: all right. i know you're going to keep on that. something else that came to light yesterday, the daily caller through a freedom of information act request discovered apparently the department of justice headed up by mr. holder, apparently they have been collaborating with far left attack dog blog, media matters. they're targeting their critics, including fox news channel, including people who work at the
7:19 am
department of justice, including you, congressman. >> you know, it's good to be in such great company. i appreciate that. but not since richard nixon have we seen a president who puts together an enemy's list and has a whole team pursuing it. that's what's happened in this administration. it's sad. it's not the america that i want to see going forward and i sincerely hope that after the election, regardless, the american people will have made a statement that they won't tolerate this. >> steve: what about this spokeswoman named -- she's a senior department of justice official -- tracy schmaller. she was collaborating about you need to do this, do that, spin it this way. a member of the department of justice colluding with that outfit, should she be fired, congressman? >> well, she serves at the pleasure of the president. they're put in to do the president's bidding. so would i like to see her go? of course. i want to see the entire team
7:20 am
packing their bags starting november 7. but i think the important point is these people represent the culture that president obama am brought into washington, a culture of division, a culture that embraces the concept of the 1% is evil and somehow the rest of america just needs to get punish the 1%. i guess i'm part of the 1% for purposes of their attack, so are you. >> steve: sure. and extra question, they've got a tax exempt status. are you going to look into that? they're clearly partisan. >> america needs to know that the charity is really charity. so there needs to be broad reform in those who take advantage of everything in tax deductibility, from the contribution to postal rate that. should be changed broadly. this group is one of them and i think congress should address that tax loopholes. >> steve: he's on the enemy's list like the rest of us. thank you very much for joining us live.
7:21 am
>> thanks, steve. >> steve: what do you think of that? e-mail us. we've been following this story. this mom thrown behind bars for letting her kids play outside. those kids, she's fighting back, and she joins us live with the crazy story. then billions in food stamps being used on sugary drinks. don't tell the first lady jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire o
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>> brian: time for your news by the numbers. $488 billion. that's the cost of new regulations from president obama since 2009. according to a new a little, 70 billion are prosecute this year alone. over 7 million. that's how much a colorado man won in a lawsuit for suffering from popcorn lung. he claims it's from years of inhaling artificial butter in
7:25 am
microwave popcorn. finally, $2.1 billion, that's how much is reportedly spent on sugary drinks paid for with food stamps. that accounts for half of the food families are buying with the assistance from that program. gretch? >> gretchen: here come the cops. you won't believe this story. it's one that we told you about yesterday. a mom thrown in jail charged with negligence for letting her kids ride their scooters outside their home. not only was she arrested, she was forced to spend the night in jail away from her kids who watched in horror as their mom was hauled off by cops. joining me is that mom, tammy cooper. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i know that you told our producers you had never been in trouble before in your life, have you? >> no. i have never been in trouble. >> gretchen: so you let your kids go out and ride their scooters and what happened?
7:26 am
>> well, my kids asked me if they could go outside to play, it being a nice summer day around 7:00 o'clock. i said sure. i don't see any reason why you can't go outside and play and they wanted to ride their scooters. so we went outside. i took my lawn chair and put it on the sidewalk where i always sit and watch them outside when they're playing. they were out maybe an hour and a half, two hours, got tired. we came inside, started getting their pajamas on and getting ready for the end of our day, and about 30 minutes after that, i looked out my window and see a laporte police officer at the end of my driveway. >> gretchen: so they come in and arrest you. and they charge you with child endangerment. it was all sparked by a neighbor who called the cops on you. right? >> yes, that's correct. >> gretchen: so what did you
7:27 am
tell the police officers when they said we're arresting you for child endangerment? >> i was in shock, disbelief. i couldn't believe it. i never have been in trouble before. i didn't know what to think. my first response was, you know, me? why? i don't understand. >> gretchen: and so you ended up spending the night in jail. i can't imagine how that was and your son comes to bail you out. now you're suing the city to get back the $10,000 that you have spent legally trying to clear your name. >> yes. that's correct. >> gretchen: so where does that lawsuit stand right now? >> we're in the early stages right now. the lawsuit has just been filed. we're waiting to get a date set to go to trial.
7:28 am
>> gretchen: let me ask you this, because so many parents and nonparents are watching this story and saying, what? she was outside with her kids. she was watching them and they were going up and down the street and she's arrested for child endangerment? why do you think this happened to you? >> i think it was a nosey neighbor trying to parent somebody else's children, you know, with issues before between the two of us. i think it was a way to get back at me, a revenge type of thing for past issues that i've addressed with her. but i went to her as a neighbor would to address these issues and i didn't pick up the telephone and call the police on her. >> gretchen: i think a lot of people are concerned because a lot of neighbors can call up and say whatever they want to say. but it's up to the police to determine whether or not a crime has actually been committed. and speak of that, we do have a statement from the city of laporte and here is what they
7:29 am
say: if served with this lawsuit by you, tammy, the city will respond in accordance with the applicable rules of law. i would be pleased to provide a detailed statement to you about the facts after the litigation is concluded. looks like we won't get any more response. how do you respond to that? >> well, i don't know really how to respond. like i said, i couldn't believe that the officer on the scene did not use better judgment, could not look at the situation he was faced with and go strictly off of the information and the testimony or the word that he got from my neighbor and not be able to assess the situation to see that i was outside with them, that there was no danger to my children, that they were perfectly fine. >> gretchen: this has put a lot of parents on high alert.
7:30 am
tammy cooper, texas mom arrested for letting her kids play outside. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> gretchen: let us know what you think about that story. this teen's murderer and illegal immigrant, his father is fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again. then the president claims he's for the middle clarks but guess what? obamacare is about to hit 6 million middle class americans right in the pocketbook. we'll tell but that story. and better watch your cookies. look who is here. all right. can hardly wait. yep. the cookie monsters taking on stevement i wonder who can down more cookies in a minute. we're live with the cookie monster next. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt
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we already asked 3,000. get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. ♪ . >> gretchen: the guys asked me to keep this shot up for an extra 50 second this is morning. >> brian: because we love shabba ranks. let's listen to the lyrics. >> gretchen: you want to know who it is or doesn't matter? let's tell you. director, oliver stone, getting a little touchy feeley with actress salma hayek. this picture snapped as they walked down the red carpet in london. they were there to promote the
7:35 am
film "savages." >> steve: it seems appropriate. >> brian: did he lose a cuff link? >> gretchen: it would be hard to find. >> steve: pretty gross. meanwhile, let's tell you about this. you know how the president made it very clear he's not going to raise taxes on the middle class. if you make under 200,000 and you're single, you will not be hit by a tax hike. that simply is not true because now according to the congressional budget office, coming up in on a year or -- coming up in a year or two, if you don't have health insurance through a company, it looks like you're going to get whacked with a $1,200 tax hike. >> gretchen: so this is actually up 50% from just two years ago. so when the cbo puts out their estimates two years a they said 4 million people would be affected with this. now it's gone up to 6 million in just this latest assessment. you have to wonder if the numbers will continue to change as we got closer to the 2016 date. this is a lot of dough for
7:36 am
middle class americans, $1,200. especially when you factor in that there was a promise that there would be no taxes. >> brian: factor this in when it comes it how much you're paying, those kids who are still on your insurance and a breath of fresh air? the premiums are going up for everybody because they have to insure more people. so we're all going to pay that. that's unquantifiable. >> steve: for a lot of kids past the 26 years of age threshold and they're out of on their own, they figure, i'm healthy, i don't have to pay for it, do i? government says yes, you're going to get hit in a couple of years with that $1,200 tax. >> brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines for thursday. they were look for a few minutes of fun. instead, they got stranded for four hours in the sky. how would you feel if you were on this ride? dozens of people got stuck on the swing ride in southern california last night. this is the second time the ride has broken in the past month. maintenance workers had to manually lower the ride while passengers waited with their feet dangling 300 feet above the
7:37 am
ground. the park will shut it down now to investigate. brian? >> brian: 17 in 2008 when he was killed execution style by an illegal immigrant in a gang. now his father launching a campaign to keep illegal immigrants behind bars. his father urging democratic governor jerry brown to veto a bill that would release illegals into the streets even when federal authorities say they should be detained. >> that happened to your son walking home from the mall, shot dead on the same street that you were raised on, how many have to die by people letting out? how many does it take? is one enough? ten, 100? one should be enough. >> brian: jury recommended the death penalty for this killer. atheist group's threats won't silence one university from saying prayers. the organization sent a complaint to stop the tradition before football games.
7:38 am
we reported on it here at the university of tennessee knoxville. but the chancellor says the prayers are protected by the constitution and they will still happen. brian? >> brian: who needs dorothy? london inventer creating the no place like home shoes. they take you anywhere you want to go. just click your heels three times. there is a small antenna on the back which reads signals from dps and you can plot your destination on a map. the antenna is covered in a fabric as a tribute to dorothy. >> gretchen: let's go out to steve to see who he's got with him. >> steve: that's right. i'm not in kansas. this morning we've got a special guest with us, cookie monster is here to help kick off another season on sesame street. how are you? >> me terrific. how you? >> steve: me okay. thank you very much. although, it's a little chilly in new york city. >> it's okay. me dress for the weather. >> steve: no kidding. >> got me fur coat on.
7:39 am
>> steve: it is fur. >> it's natural. >> steve: cookie, i'm not -- i don't want to say anything inappropriate. >> it's okay. >> steve: you have not aged in 43 years. >> well, thank you. monsters age well. yeah. >> steve: with this new season of sesame street, what will you be talking about? >> we going to be talking about steam, you know what steam is? science, tech, engineering, art, and math. learn all about all of that. it's very exciting. >> steve: i think it's about -- the industrial revolution, that's when the steam thing hit. so many kids are having trouble. there is the keen-up guy behind us. >> look at the crowds you draw. >> steve: it's really good. you got a broom. >> this professional show here.
7:40 am
>> steve: who are some of the folks stopping by this season? >> melissa mccarthy, steve carrell. maia rudolph of the it's exciting. jon hamm. >> steve: very nice. since you're here, cookie, for the 43nd debut of your season premiere. >> that's right. >> steve: look what i've got for you. >> whoa! >> steve: a couple of cookies for you. >> cookie! thank you, steve. >> steve: would you like a bite? >> a bite? sure, why not? cookie! >> steve: ah! >> you okay? >> steve: i'm okay. >> you want cookie? >> steve: i'm a little steamed. cookie monster, very nicely done. thank you very much and congratulations on another season. >> thank you. me need tooth pick. >> steve: how about some floss?
7:41 am
brian, do we have any floss? >> brian: we do. i just wish he had a throat. >> gretchen: or teeth. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: that's what makes him cookie monster. all right. so we all get to go back to our childhood for a moment. it feels good, doesn't it? >> brian: not really. >> gretchen: me either. >> brian: i had a rough upbringing. if you want a cookie, write us. >> gretchen: you know what? i'm glad i got the chocolate chip one. you want to trade? here, i'll trade you one for one. >> brian: just for that, read my tease and i'll read yours. >> gretchen: all right. we do this well together. coming up, it's being billed as the one ad that can swing the race mitt romney's direction. frank luntz is back with a brand-new set of dials, that's coming up next. >> brian: parents, do you let your baby boy use a a pacific are? studies show you're in trouble. ♪ c is for cookie, that they good enough for me ♪
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he. >> steve: 131 prisoners who broke free from a mexican jail on monday, you know how they did it? they walked out the front door. happened ten miles from the u.s. border. the jail employees who helped are apparently now under house arrest, but only three escapees have been caught so far. that's not good. this might make parents want to cry. three new studies found heavy pacificare use in boys could lead to stunted development. they're less likely to mimic smiles and frowns they saw on video. researchers believe girls weren't as affected because they inherently cope better with emotion. brian, pull yourself together. >> brian: all right. with 47 days until the p presidential election, we've reached the home stretch. candidates are flooding the air
7:46 am
waves with ads. which ones are working? fred luntz tested two of the spots and here to tell us how they are playing out with the voters. welcome. talk about mitt romney first. >> well, the romney ad is the positive ad. he starts to give some dedale tails about what he wants to do. it's effective. one only wonders why he didn't run it a month ago, why he waited until now. let's take a look at the dial scores. remember, brian, the higher the lines go, the more favorable the reaction. >> middle class, trade has to work for america. that means crack down on cheaters like china, it means open up new market. next, got to balance the budget. you got to cut the deficit. you got to stop spending more money than we take in and finally, champion small business. have tax policies, regulations and health care policies that help small business. we put those in place, we'll add 12 million new jobs in four years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> brian: you like the content or the delivery?
7:47 am
>> it's both of them. he is almost straight to camera. he goes through a litany of things that the american people believe in. it's what they've waited to hear from him. i like to have seen that ad a couple weeks ago. but it's the right message at the right time and that's why it's out. >> brian: you think that drop at the end for democrats meant anything or 'cause he hopped back on camera? >> it's just because he says i'm mitt romney and i paid for the ad. so that makes it political. but look, when you get a democratic score in the 60s at this point in the campaign, that's a darn good score. >> brian: when he was on letterman last night was the president and said, the deficit? that's not a problem right now. i don't even know what it is. i think that could be an ad, but that's just me. here is the president, this ad is called the question. let's listen. >> here is where we were in 2008. >> worst financial collapse since the great depression. >> american workers were laid off in numbers not seen in over three decades. >> here is where we are today. >> 30 months of private sector job growth creating 4.6 million
7:48 am
new jobs. we're not there yet. but the real question is whose plan is better for you? the president's plan asked millionaires to pay a little more, to help invest in a strong middle class, clean energy, and cut the deficit. mitt romney's plan? a new $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires, roll back regulations on the banks that cratered the economy, and raise taxes on the middle class. >> they want to go back to the same old policies that got us if trouble in the first place. >> we're not going back. we are moving forward. >> forward. >> brian: the split was pronounced. >> yes. that's what is happening right now. that as romney starts to rebound again from the comments he made a few days ago. you see less of a partisan break with his message and more so with barak obama. brian, right now the voters are asking three very specific questions: who is going to cut waste for washington spending?
7:49 am
who is going to create and save real jobs for the future? and who understands me? you can't just do negative ads to get the answers to those' questions. at some point you have to say what you're going to do. i like the idea that mitt romney is positive on the air right now. i think the obama campaign is making a mistake by only going negative, negative, negative. >> brian: both have a lot of money and doesn't seem like up until now mitt romney has been spending it. we have 46 days left. 47 days left. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, from battling breast cancer to becoming a new mom, giuliana rancic's journey to motherhood is finally complete with a baby boy and she's here to share her amazing story next. and first, on this day in history, 1986, the number one song was "stuck on you" but huey lewis who later would send his kids to nyu and stop by our place and sing that song for us begin.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> gretchen: from being diagnosed with cancer to having a double mastectomy, giuliana rancic was putting her dreams of having a baby on hold. >> i got on medication now for five years, i can kiss pregnancy good-bye pretty much. >> you know what? as long as you're around. i would strongly discourage you from getting pregnant at this point. >> steve: however w the help of a surrogate, her dreams have finally come true. just last month she and her husband, bill, welcomed home their new baby boy, edward duke. >> brian: joining us now, guess who? giuliana rancic. that's all you've been through over the last few years? >> i know, right?
7:54 am
crazy. >> brian: what's life like now? >> oh, my god, it's so great. it's so great. it's so hard to believe that literally, just -- it was exactly a year ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer. then in one year to now have this incredible wonderful, happy ending, it's a dream. >> steve: the amazing thin about you and bill, and you've been on the show many, many times, in public, you put on the happy face. >> right. >> steve: but behind the scenes, not so happy. >> no. it's been tough. it's been very tough. being diagnosed with breast cancer was the shock of a lifetime. it's pretty much the darkest day of your life, or my life, at least. and then having a baby, being this that delivery room, seeing the baby for the first time was the greatest moment of my life. it all happened within 11 months. >> gretchen: had it not been for the fact that you were trying to have a baby, you would never have found out that you had breast cancer. >> never. that's right. i was 36 at the time when i found out. no family history. i went in and got a mammogram and they told me hey, by the way, you have cancer.
7:55 am
>> gretchen: now you want to be active. >> yes. >> gretchen: in helping people get to the point where they can find it early, right? >> yeah. what saved my life was early detection. it truly was. and if you find breast cancer early enough, you have a 98%, five-year survival rate. you can't say that for a lot of diseases. that's very high. so the key is really to find it early. so i'm doing this campaign right now called p and g give hope. this is really cool. this is p and g's brand saver. it will be in the sunday paper at the end of the month and also in the middle of october. and every time you use one of these coupons, they're great, by the way, the national p and g will make a donation on behalf of the national breast cancer foundation. >> steve: fantastic. tomorrow is the do it for the girls day, right? >> that's right. actually today and tomorrow. we're telling girls and guys -- >> steve: we know girls. >> do it for the girls. by girls, you know what i'm
7:56 am
talking about. give yourself a breast self exam. i'm looking at you as i'm saying this. >> brian: i'm disconcerted. >> but give yourself a self exam and try to find the breast cancer early because like i said, if you can find it early, that's the key. >> steve: this will be in the sunday paper. you can save $5 on the new oil of olay. >> i told you. >> brian: we got a brand-new season much your show coming up. >> that's right. october 2 on style. >> brian: you'll be star not guilty it? >> i hope so. unless they make a change. >> gretchen: congratulations to you and bill. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up, at first nbc news refused it air one of the most controversial stories of the week. did reporters hold off because it made the president look bad? valley a fair and balanced debate when michelle malkin joins us at the top of the hour. >> steve: then jewel says so long to singing. the four-time grammy award nominee has a new career and you'll hear about it here first. take a look at this. >> gretchen: that's not jewel.
7:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, september 20, i'm gretchen carlson. i thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. fox news exclusive for you. a bombshell break in the attack on our u.s. consulate in libya. the man leading the charge, a form gitmo detainee with direct ties to al-qaeda and 9-11? and the united states let him go. >> steve: great. meanwhile, at first nbc news refused to air one of the most controversial stories of the week. is that because it made the president look bad? now they're doing some damage control. michelle malkin weighs in among the rubble coming up. >> brian: so much for peace in the middle east. the white house doesn't have the time to meet with israeli prime minister right now. but this pirate got a sit down
8:01 am
in the oval office yesterday. we'll find out the details and what happened to his hand. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: get the hook. >> steve: we kind of missed it yesterday. it was national talk like a pirate day. that's why the pirate was there. >> gretchen: there are so many days, you can't keep them all straight. >> steve: that's our job. >> gretchen: not just monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday, i mean every day seems to be in honor of something. >> steve: we do our best. >> brian: to talk like a pirate day is something that was way overdue. it was are aleve to get that passed. monday was salute to the constitution. that might have been more important. >> gretchen: let's kick off this important show with some news headlines because we have a fox news exclusionsive. a former gitmo detainee with direct ties to al-qaeda likely led the rampage on our consulate in libya. now more from new york.
8:02 am
>> good morning. we've got a name now that may be associated with that consulate attack in libya and there are strong indications that this was the work of al-qaeda. take a look at this picture. the quality isn't that great, but he may be a solid lead, according to u.s. intelligence sources. he was reloosed from gitmo in 2007 under the condition that the libyans keep him in custody. they apparently didn't. sources tell fox that he may not have not only had a role in the attack is he u.s. consulate, he may have actually led it. four americans died there, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> steve: we'll interrupt for just a minute. >> gretchen: we have a fox news alert now because the space shuttle endeavor gearing up for the next leg in its final voyage. here is a live look at ellingtonfield in houston, texas. it's about to depart for a pit stop in el paso, a little fuel stop before heading to its new museum home in los angeles,
8:03 am
california. >> brian: emblematic of our space program which can no longer fly. >> steve: it's going to fly low over tucson, arizona to honor gabrielle giffords. the request was made by her husband, mark kelly, who was the last person to fly the shuttle. >> brian: she encouraged him to go up despite her recovery. >> steve: i think later today they'll land at lax. valley it will be displayed at the california science center because the thing is so big, they've had to cut down 400 trees. they've had to move light poles, all sorts of stuff. you got to figure the environmentalist is not crazy about cutting down 400 trees. but i understand they will in their place, plant 1,000. >> gretchen: if you went to the museum, you would learn enendeavor was the replacement for the challenger originally and its last mission was last year. now the shuttles are ending up in museums across the country
8:04 am
because we don't have a space program anymore. so now you have to go to the museums to learn about what we used to do. >> brian: steve, you mentioned they're going to put new trees down there and guess who was the first one to do that? walton mountain, they emergencied every time they put a tree down, to seed for it. so they're taking a page from a 1970s classic family series. >> steve: a page from johnny appleseed. there you can see endeavor's final takeoff, we do believe. it's going to be making a low pass over tucson in a couple of hours. next stop, los angeles. beautiful picture. >> gretchen: fascinating when you see the picture to realize that is five stories high, combined there. so it's much bigger than it appears to be just flying through the air like that. as we continue to watch this, we'll go back to doug who we unfortunately interrupted. sorry we had to do that. that's what happens when breaking news is there. doug, you can continue now. thanks so much. >> good morning, guys. good morning again. just a quick recap. individual that was held at gitmo who we think may have not
8:05 am
only had a role in the attack at the u.s. embassy -- u.s. consulate there in libya, intelligence source say that's the case. he may have actually even led it. four americans died there, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens, and just about any way you look at it, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton says there needs to be a thorough investigation. >> i think people need to know what exactly happened because there was a massive failure here. you can't have four dead americans and not attribute it to failure. >> none of this seems to jive with what the administration has been saying in the wake of the attacks. this was, they say, just a demonstration over an anti-muslim film made here in the u.s. that escalates and got way out of control. but that may be contradicted by what we heard yesterday from the head of the nation's counterterrorism center when he testified on capitol hill. >> let me begin by asking
8:06 am
whether you would say ambassador steves and the three other americans died as a result of a terrorist attack. >> certainly on that particular question i would say yes. they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> that would seem to imply that there was some kind of planning involved, but the white house yesterday was sticking to its take on this. that this was not a premeditated attack. at least by the evidence they've seen so far. steve, gretchen and brian. >> steve: thank you very much, doug. all right. let's dial now in our old buddy, michelle malkin, who joins us every week at this time. she's out in colorado. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: i'm sure you thought it was curious that just as barak obama's convention bounce pretty much vanished, they are now within the margin of error, according to the real clear politic poll, the six major averages right now, right at that time, there is this video that is leaked to mother jones and shows mitt romney talking about, you know, about half the country is not going to vote for
8:07 am
me because, you know, they don't pay taxes and so they're not receptive to his mental of cutting -- message of cutting taxes. what do you make of what is going on out there right now? >> i think it's coordinated. i think it's manufactured. i have dubbed it the politics of squirrel. the talking dog from "up" who was easily distracted by every big fluffy diversion and i think -- >> steve: look, a squirrel! >> that's right. squirrel, squirrel! and i've done this many times. i think it's a good analogy for what's going on between democratic party strategists and they're enablers in the media 'cause you have david corn of this far left storied magazine, mother jones, who coordinated with the grand saab of jimmy carter, who of course, now has a job doing this kind of dirty opposition research.
8:08 am
and manufacturing faux rage over what are really just statements of hard political reality by romney at this fund-raiser in may in florida. >> brian: 63% of the public so far when polled says this has no effect on their decision who they're going to vote for and we'll see where we go from here. i think mitt romney will be helped because he'll campaign for a change and not raise money in already red states. now they're going to go out. does this surprise you? >> no. this is where they need to be. if you listened to what has been reloosed, it's not year it was the full video, but he says preceding these comments that everybody has been publicizing, he talks specifically about the independent, the people who are not completely in the tank and in the cult of obama who can be swayed. and i think the kind of comments that he made are going to appeal to independents, the moderates that are left in this country
8:09 am
because they still have the same basic values that the republican party tried to showcase during the convention and that romney has been talking about and the media is ignoring, that we are having a choice here in november between an america of makers versus america of takers. and everything that's been coming out, again, that the media is ignoring about the rise in food stamp recipient, the rise in abuse of social security disability payments, the massive explosion of the welfare state at the expense of working people and productive people, people who want to lift themselves up, it's really coming to a head. and i think the only mistake that romney made was when he said that he was writing off those people. i think that that does not jive with what the message was from the rnc. and he on said that he had said it inelegantly. but the fact is that people want to lift themselves up and i think that there is going to be a revolt. >> gretchen: as usual, sort of
8:10 am
that one line that the whole entire message gets lost when there is one line that's controversial and that's all that people talk about. the other interesting thing is that i think both sides put out ammunition because then right away there was this tape that came out about barak obama from 14 years ago when he talked about redistribution. the story, to me, is not whether or not they have dueling tapes. it's how it's covered. let's listen to the tape first and then i want to get your opinion how do we structure government systems that pool resources and, hence, have some redistribution because i believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has got a shot. >> steve: so there we can finally see the then state senator talking about how he believed in redistribution. yesterday hardly -- i don't think anybody touched it except fox news chapel. and we did run the mitt romney
8:11 am
stuff from the day before. andrea mitchell on msnbc refused to run it even though the white house eventually did authenticate it because she said i can't verify it's really him. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, she is a frequent winner of mine of the drool bucket award for obama. and all of a sudden, she puts on this pose of neutrality and objectivity. it's laughable. i think that the release of these kinds of tapes are useful in so far as they confirm what so many of us already know about the blatant, flagrant bias of these people who pretend to be on the side lines. this is relevant. these tapes, whether they're from last may or whether they're from 1995 or '98, are all very useful. but only insofar as you connect it to what's going on now. we know that this guy is the prophet of redistribution of
8:12 am
wealth. just look at the trillion dollars stylus. what was that but a huge progressive slush fund from taxpayers to every lackey of the obama administration. >> gretchen: maybe that's why the polls say americans are not paying that close attention to these tapes because they know that actually they're not gaffes. this is what the two candidates think and this is how they differ dramatically. right? >> yeah. and i said this last night on hannity, too, about the whole hooha over david corn's tape. outside of the manhattan bubble, people don't know who he is and don't care. they care about gas prices and care about not having a job. they care about their kids' future and the fact that romney said this, blasphemous thing that he doesn't support free loaders is not a human rights violation to them. >> steve: yeah. you mentioned david corn. he has now had to explain, oh, yeah, that mitt romney tape that we said all of it was there, yeah, it's missing a minute or
8:13 am
two. anyway, that's the point. fine having you on this thursday, michelle. have a great week. see you back here next week. >> you bet. >> gretchen: some incredible video. quick thinking cop jumps into action in the nick of time. saving that woman's life right there. >> brian: saying so long to singing, jewel has a new career and it's a great one. we'll tell what you it is when she comes back. >> steve: i hear her now. ♪ i was meant for you ♪ ♪ begin.
8:14 am
8:15 am
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>> gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour in a few hours, the republican controlled
8:17 am
house will vote to shoot down president obama's plan to bypass congress and waive work requirements for welfare. the changes would allow people in certain states to collect welfare states for extra activities like running errands, writing a diary or household chores. according to a new report from the nonpartisan government accountability office, members of the administration don't have the authority to make these changes. they've known that since 1996, but they plan to move forward anyway. are you flying this week? your flight might be canceled because pilots are calling in sick. american airlines and american eagle are canceling at least 300 flights so pilots can stage a sickout. they're mad because the company got permission from the courts to change their contracts. spokesperson for american says it's rebooking passengers at new extra charge. guys? >> brian: overwhelming process for the millions of americans trying to recover from the housing crisis. so that's why each week, every week, we talk to bob massi on
8:18 am
"fox & friends." he's been answering your e-mails for a while. now you can ask him questions in person. >> steve: here to tell us about his brand-new seminar, bob massy joins us live from vegas. you're going to florida and you want people to come visit you. tell us about what's going on at treasure island. >> thank you. i'm going down next thursday, september 27, it will be broadcast with "fox & friends" at the club at treasure island in tampa bay and all of you who want to register, we have many, many people that have. you have to just e-mail rebuildingyourdreams at basically i'm going to take our audience from pillar to bed post. how we got here, how we're going to get out of it and how to rebuild your future. going to cover things from asset protection to foreclosures to new programs. it will be exciting. i'm so looking forward to meeting people that are kind enough to watch the segment and learn. so it's going to be great. tampa bay next -- it's free to the public.
8:19 am
>> brian: let's go to e-mails. we have some here. jerry in colorado says, i received notice from my lender that they filed notice of foreclosure. but i had already signed a deed in lieu of a foreclosure with bank of america. how can they do that? n let's explain to our viewers, brian, a deed in lieu of foreclosure is a legal document that basically the lender has given you saying to brian, to steve, to bob, sign this deed and we will -- we'll transfer the property back to the lender, so you literally give it back to the beneficiary, the person that is owed the money. whatever happened here is this, he probably signed it, they never accepted it. they never recorded it. again an example of the right hand knowing what the left hand is doing. as a result, they're going through the foreclosure process. get yourself a lawyer. get a consultation from a lawyer to look at this document, contact the lender and say, hey, i signed this document last year. now you're foreclosing.
8:20 am
what's going on, guys? >> brian: that's more money. you got to get a lawyer? >> we're allowed to make living. >> steve: here is another, he says i need my credit cleaned up. you warned us of credit scams. how die find somebody legit? >> real quick, contact the attorney general's office. find out which companies basically if they've had problems. otherwise, it's trial and error. look on the internet, see what kind of reports they have. there is too many scams out there. we'll be talk being that next week, too, credit, how to rebuild your credit. >> steve: bobby, if folks would like more information, registration at rebuildingyourdreams at going to florida. >> thanks. >> brian: so long stars and stripes. the president is redesigned the american flag with an o. i gesture get reelected. >> steve: then jewel is here. she is saying so long to singing. th four-time grammy award nominee has a new career and she's going to share that with gretch coming up. good morning, jewel hey, i love your cereal there --
8:21 am
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so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> steve: quick headlines on this thursday morning. the post office can't balance its books. so guess what? you're going to get more junk mail. the u.s. ps currently $13 billion in debt is now cutting deals with businesses to spend more sales pitches. last year it made $17.8 billion off, quote, advertising mail. you know, junk mail. president obama's campaign redesigning the american flag. look at that. apparently an effort to raise more money. the poster wipes out all 50 stars on the flak and replaces
8:25 am
it with mr. obama's logo. the campaign hoping people will pay 35 bucks for their own personal copy. ♪ >> gretchen: the world knows her as jewel. the four-time grammy nominated singer song writer was one of the most amazing voices in the music industry. but for a little more than a year now, it's been another job that's been occupying her time. jewel has become a new mom and is the author of a noachian's book called "that's what i'd do." joining me now is singer song writer and author, jewel. great to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: so the book is "that's what i do." i guess you're getting into children's book because you are a new mom. >> yeah. i'm a mom and obsessed with being a mom. so i've been doing quite a few kids' projects. >> gretchen: it's interesting to hear a celebrity say i'm going to take a break from all that traveling and promoting albums and i really just want to focus on my child. that's what you've decided to
8:26 am
do, right? >> yeah. i've been successful in my life and what's the point of having money if you don't take an opportunity like this to be at home and enjoy your baby. for me, that was the decision i wanted to make. i wanted to enjoy it. it goes so quickly. so i've been at home. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is that people, if they recall your upbringing, you group up in alaska, with very modest means. how has that shaped you now that you have everything available to you as a mom? >> my husband and i both talk about this. we were raised on ranches and both raised quite poor. now we have money. weigh been successful in our fields and feel so blessed. and at the same time, as parents, it's not a situation we thought we would be in. we both really value the struggle that we went through in our lives. we feel like it made us stronger people. it made us have a lot of reserve and still water runs deep, as they say. with our son, it's something we're very aware of as parents. we want our son to know the confidence you get when you earn something by yourself. i'm not sure how to solve all the parenting problems yet, but
8:27 am
we're aware of it. >> gretchen: sounds like you have a great base. your husband is ty murray. avenues champion bull rider. then he was on "dancing with the stars." >> yeah. >> gretchen: you say he's a fantastic hands on dad. he's home now, right, with the baby? >> yeah, he changed his whole work schedule. we really wanted to make our son our priority and be able to be home with him. he's a great partner. we don't have a nanny. we just take turns. i'm awake working, he's home with the baby and vice-versa. >> gretchen: one of the things about your book is you said the last page with this beautiful photo of the mom, nose kissing the baby. that it still brings tears to your eyes every time you look at that. i can relate to that 'cause die this nose kiss with my children before i put them to bed every night. what is it about this picture that gets you? >> being a mom changes your heart. every mom knows. it just changes you to tear up over so many different things now that used to in the really touch my heart. i really wrote this as a love note to my son when i was pregnant. i wanted him to know how loved
8:28 am
he was and in a way that sparked his imagination through fantasy met forces and -- metaphors. and this is a neat memento for my son and share it with other parents. >> gretchen: you say you're going to continue the children writing books. but you're also going to do your singing, too, right? >> yes. >> gretchen: what can fans look forward to? >> i have many records in the works. i have a greatest hits coming out soon. i have another country album i'd like to do and then a follow up to my first album. the difference is i'm a mom now and i don't know if i have it in me to do these massive three and four-month radio tours and media blitzes. i kind of like to do things in four and five-day windows. so i don't know if i'll release them independently or if i'll go at it again. we'll have to see. >> gretchen: it does change your life when you become a parent. i'm glad to see both you and yor husband are so grounded. check out the book "that's what i do" and it has a cd with it. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, big
8:29 am
breaking news on the economy. weekly jobless numbers right after the break. incredible video. quick thinking hero cop, watch this, yep. that's him saving the life of a woman. jumps into action in just the nick of time. ♪ carnationreakfast essentials. it'sacked with 21 vitamins and minerals and protein so kids get the nutrition they need to start the day right. carnation breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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>> gretchen: fox business alert. the labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 382,000 first-time unemployment claims filed last week. that's the same from the week before and higher than expected. let's bring in fox "fox busines" network melissa francis from houston, texas. good morning to you. >> good morning. it's more tough news for the economy. 382,000. we had been looking for about 373, 373,000 jobs. you had to remember, these are new people filing for unemployment. they are joining those 14.7 million people out there who have been looking for work for a long time. some of whom had given up. it was a bleak jobs picture. that's one of the reasons why we came down here to houston because this is one city that is doing it right. they have brought back all of the jobs they've lost in the recession. can you believe that?
8:34 am
one of only two cities in the country where they have brought back all of the jobs that they lost. one of the reasons is because they have a blazing economy. in 2011, the economy here grew by 8.6%. that is china type expansion in the second quarter, their unemployment was 6.9%. more fortune 500 companies based here than anywhere else in the country except for new york. so we are bringing some of the city's leaders on sop of the big names in business to tell us what their secret sauce is, what they're doing right here versus the rest of the country. we're trying to bring good news how to do things well. one is rich cuppedder a ceo. he moved up on the 400 list to number 36, worth $9.4 billion. so he's doing something right. we'll have mike yeager, coming up at 5:00 a.m on money, on the "fox business" network. i want to show you the ride that we got down here because as you know, our boss, roger, always
8:35 am
sends the whole crew -- do you have video of that? we'll send you video of how we got down. it was really nice. i had a seat for you, but i don't know. you guys didn't show up. so i sort of stretched out across the whole row. >> brian: who was more expensive? >> the shuttle seat was really expensive. at fox, they spare no expense. they want to get all the good business news out to everyone and they want everybody to watch money with melissa francis at 5 p.m. on fox business. so to do a stunt like this, hang the cost. >> gretchen: were you in the 747 or the shuttle? >> yes. i was actually driving the shuttle. >> steve: okay. >> gretchen: cool. >> flying it might be more appropriate. >> steve: so you were behind the -- even though the 747 guy was technically driving. >> i guess. yeah. pretty much. but now i'm going to take it for a joy ride. we're on the campus of rice
8:36 am
university today. tomorrow we'll come from the convention center. we'll take a time out after this show and i'll take the shuttle out for a spin and get back to wo. >> steve: she's deep in the arrest of texas in houston. melissa, check out her show later today on the fox business. thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. >> brian: that kevin mcgee must have a different budget. spare no expense, i never heard that. >> steve: did you ever think maybe she stowed away. >> brian: in the wheel well. >> steve: it's happened. >> gretchen: let's get to some of your headlines because there is a scathing report on the botched fast and furious operation blasting the justice department for showing disregard for public safety. jason weinstein has resigned. the report said he was the highest ranking employee who could have stopped the program but didn't. meantime, the former acting director of the atf, kent nelson, is retiring. he was cite cited for not asking enough questions. later, darrell issa said other than generic holder still needs
8:37 am
to be held responsible. >> there are 14 people that were held more directly accountable. effectively recommended for reprimand or firing, but when you look and say, where does the buck stop? it's never stopped at attorney general holder or lannie brewer. they both seem to rely on what they didn't know and why they didn't know. >> gretchen: holder was found in contempt of congress for failing to turn over some of those documents. >> brian: this video incredible. police officer being called a hero for push agawam out of the way of a speeding van with seconds to spare. take a close look. you see that? he pushed her out of the way. the scene of the accident was over in texas when all of a sudden, that driver plows into one of their cars, spins out of control. one of the cops wraps his arms around the woman and pushes her out. he was hurt, but is expected to be just fine of the the woman also okay. the driver, drunk. >> steve: that's quick thinking. a story we first told you about yesterday. texas mother thrown in jail
8:38 am
charged with negligence for letting her kids ride their scooters outside in front of her house on their cul-de-sac without parental supervision. now she's suing the police department and the neighbor who called the cop on her. here is tammy earlier on "fox & friends". >> my first response was, you know, me? why? i don't understand. i think it was a way to get me, a revenge type of thing for past issues i've addressed with her. >> steve: here is what you had to say about her situation. one said, quote, the police were wrong, unless she was breaking the law, they should never have arrested her. rick from north carolina said, quote, the kids shouldn't be riding the scooters in the street, even if mom was watching. and those are your headlines for this thursday morning. >> gretchen: in the meantime, there seems to be a lot of dustup happening with regard to media matters. that's the organization we've told you about here that is a blog of sorts and it gets taxpayer funding.
8:39 am
but it isn't apolitical, it talks on fox news and generally almost always is to the left on the issues. now could it be there was a collaboration with the department of justice and sending e-mails back and forth where the department of justice was suggesting story ideas to media matters. would that be ethical and should people be taking responsibility and possibly resigning as a result? >> steve: we're about to show you one of the e-mails that was obtained by daily caller through a freedom of information act. it involves a senior department of justice spokesperson by the name of tracy shmaler. here she is where matt gets is e-mailing her and says i'm working on debunking what i think is a conservative myth about operation fast and furious. was hoping you could help me out. well, shortly thereafter, here is what i got back from budget folks. this is the department of justice helping that left wing hatchet organization. the media matters, back to
8:40 am
tracy, thanks again for your help. here is the piece. and apparently there was a link to the media matters site. >> gretchen: now members of congress are asking for her to resign from her job or be ousted from her job because of the conflict of interest that is apparent in these e-mails. >> brian: they keep the no profit status for media matters, it will be quite interesting. you said sometimes they have left wing views. >> gretchen: always. >> brian: i challenge that. i have yet to sew one right or middle. >> gretchen: i don't read them. i'll leave that up to the viewers. but yes, a left organization. >> steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday. so much for the middle east peace. the white house doesn't have time to meet with israel, but the president got a private sit-down with a pirate yesterday in the oval office. sorry, bb. >> brian: that meeting could still happen next week. then they were happy living the life they had 'til the government told them they were living on the fourth largest deposit of natural gas in the
8:41 am
country. biobillionaires here with us. >> steve: why are they so happy [ mother ] you can't leave the table
8:42 am
8:43 am
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>> steve: time for your shot of the morning. it's a quick look at what president obama has been up to. here he is sitting town with a pirate making sure he did not forget to commemorate international talk like a pirate day. he's in the oval office. the pirate is. the president also meeting meeth jz and beyonce. seats went for the sum of $40,000 each. while he was here in new york, president obama also making a visit to the late show with david letterman and he'll be on "the view". but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu still waiting for that meeting with the
8:45 am
president. remember, the white house said the president was simply too busy to sit down with netanyahu. so he's getting the clint eastwood treatment. the empty chair. >> brian: the truth is it's really not funny whether he's on david letterman or hanging out with beyonce, especially since we know he may meet with muslim brotherhood member mohammed morsi next week. what does that say about president obama's foreign policy? joining us right now, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> hi, brian. it seems that i'll affection alely call him, we have a new president now, broadway barak obama, and it seems foreign policy has taken a back seat and it's disturb to go some people that mr. netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, is not being met with, but it appears that the president, prime minister of egypt, mr. morsi, the muslim brotherhood official, will, in fact, be meeting in washington, perhaps with the white house.
8:46 am
so on one hand we have israel, our staunch ally in the middle east, and then we have what the president can't characterize either as a ally or a foe and people at the white house say, well, ally is a legal term of art. at the same time, we know mr. morsi has asked for the release of the blind sheik who was responsible for killing six americans at the world trade center, wounding 1,000 and plotting to blow up other major things in new york. >> brian: he was part of the team that put him behind bars says he believes the process is in the works to get him out. the state department said this when asked. are you about to let out this terrorist in who is in a maximum security prison serving a life sentence in north carolina? listen. >> there is no plan to release the blind sheik. there is no plan. tunnel, we have not been -- to my knowledge we have not been approached by any senior
8:47 am
egyptians. >> gretchen: senior egyptian and no plans. >> if you look up weasel words in the dictionary, you could run that tape right next to it. i don't know what that means. instead of saying, listen, there is no way in heck that this guy is ever getting out of jail, he's going to die in jail just like peter king said, say no, there is no plans. we haven't heard from senior egyptians. the senior egyptian in his inauguration speech talked about having this guy released! and if we don't think when he meets with the president or the secretary of state or senior white house officials mr. morsey is not going to ask for this guy to be released, then we've got something else going in our head. obviously he will. obviously this has become an issue and obviously based on the intelligence that we now have, that the white house didn't disclose in the beginning, that was the point of the egyptian protest. the release of the blind sheik. >> brian: so people should know who he is, he also plotted to
8:48 am
blow up everything in the world trade center in '93. he also had a plan in place to blow up our bridges and tunnels simultaneously. that was thwarted. now that we have him in a maximum security prison -- i don't know how he didn't get death. >> i don't know either. it's topsy turvy, who is our ally and the enemy? is the ally sending out arabic tweeting saying continue the protests and at the same time sending different ones out to make believe to the world that somehow they're being supportive of the united states? who is our ally? shouldn't we be meeting with our ally? >> brian: over 20 of our embassies has been attacked, the consulates in 20 different countries. al-qaeda's presence is all over north african and for the most part, you don't see that anywhere. >> egypt was our ally at the beginning of this presidency. we should be at a place where they should be an ally, but we're not there now.
8:49 am
that's not the rhetoric. >> brian: we're delaying the billions of dollars we promised them. >> absolutely should. >> brian: peter johnson, thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, 12 minutes before the top of the hour. they were happy living the life they had 'til the government told them they were really rich. >> a fine line between having fun and being dumb. the bayou billionaires next. first let's check in with martha mccallum and find out what's on her show. >> good morning. coming up on "america's newsroom," breaking news on the al-qaeda connection to the killing of our ambassador in libya. katherine her age and bret baier on that. karl rove joins us with what he says will be the deciding factor for mitt romney. and congressman on fast and furious, the reaction to the report that came out yesterday. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour
8:50 am
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>> steve: after discovering that their home sits on the fourth largest deposit of natural gas in the united states, money no object for the do you doen family. now the stars of "bayou billionaires" are enjoying their financial freedom. wouldn't you? >> i guess i'm going to have mailbox money to make a zombie movie. time to kick some zombie butt. >> steve: what is that? back for the second season of their hit show "bayou billionaire. gerald and kitten. we got thomas and his wife mallory there, and kitten's
8:54 am
father, james roy in the hat. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> steve: what was going on there where it looked like -- everybody was kung fu fighting. >> we had an in house movie with a tv show. and that's what it was. a kung fu movie. >> and star him and my other son. it was great. we previewed it last night. >> steve: so is that what duke when you're just really rich, just make kung fu movies at home? >> yes, sir. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's what you say to me. but then again, you are the ultimate mama's boy, right? >> yes, sir. i take pride in being mama's boy. >> steve: i don't blame you. kitten, i understand that gerald treated you to a float. you were the object of a float. >> absolutely. it was so much fun. the whole family was on the float. it was really fun. we had a good time. everybody was there. that was the best part. >> we all do things together like that. we go camping together, you
8:55 am
know. we have our family meals every sunday evening. we have fun. >> steve: that's great. but then again, you're rich. you're really, really rich. >> but it really hasn't affected us. >> steve: of course it hasn't. did you buy anything big yet? >> we bought a few vehicles, you know. we bought property and we had -- >> steve: got an rv. you guys are rich. you got a pool, spa. jet skis. whatever that is. i am so jealous of that. mr. roy, i understand that since you are kitten's mother, you are getting calls from women all over the country just talking to you, right? >> that's true. >> steve: what do they want to talk to you about other than probably marrying them? >> well, i had one the other day said that i was real cute and she was going to take me home with her. >> steve: does she know you're part of a really wealthy family? >> i really don't know what she knows. >> steve: oh, i bet she does.
8:56 am
you're a big fox news viewer, too, right? >> yes. i am. >> steve: very nice. >> i see you on tv and o'reilley. i'll meet him one day. >> steve: okay. i'm sure if he was here, he would drop by to meet bayou billionaires. it's fun being rich now, isn't it? >> it's fun. >> steve: for so long you weren't. now you are. >> rick: it really is fun. but the kids, they all still work in the business, you know. they're third generation. it's fun. i can go hunting two or three times a week, you know. i can really have fun. >> the show is what's really been fun. >> steve: there is the family right there. kitten, even though you guys are rich, you're still working at the family construction business. >> somebody's got to keep them straight. >> steve: that's right! you would agree with your mom, right? >> yes, sir. >> steve: they are the stars of "bayou billionaires." can you stick around? >> absolutely. >> steve: more with them. they got a million stories and we've got some time in the after the show show. we'll be back in two minutes.
8:57 am
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